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It’s time to face the music. Take the On Record On Record Disc Icon music challenge!

England’s punk rock movement had the Sex Pistols at its red-hot center, led by what star hellion?

British metal band Iron Maiden adapted what Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem into a 13-minute track?

Onstage, thrash-rock pioneers Primus had fans expressing their collective adoration with what chant?

Face Dances was the Who’s first studio album with what drummer replacing the late Keith Moon?

Wildman comic Sam Kinison shouted a hit music video on MTV, a raunchy rendition of what Sixties classic?

Releasing Post to universal acclaim, singer Björk overcame the isolation of what native country?

Willie Nelson made his motion picture debut in what movie starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda?

What interpretation of 1969 hit by Shocking Blue became British all-girl group Bananarama’s first US chart-topper?
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